July 12, 2019

Nick Hough

June 22, 2019

Steven Parsons

"Tim has always taken care of me I appreciate everything he has done and I know he will always do me right in the future I recommend you check this place out"
June 13, 2019

David Hargraves

"My kids and I stop in here every week. It is always clean, always well stocked and the employee that helps us is AMAZING. We normally buy rather than sell, but we have done both on numerous occasions and always find their prices fair which is why we keep coming back. I’ve bought guns, bullion, cameras, video games and today a laptop for my daughter. He helped us choose between multiple models and explained the differences in terms my daughter could understand. Great place and hope they stay around."
January 29, 2018

Great place

"I've been in a couple times.I keep seeing things I want to buy, I will be going back. The place is so nice and clean, The owner is very helpful. "
October 12, 2017

Very highly recommended.

"This is probably one of the cleanest establishments that I have ever been to. The owner was very friendly and took the time to sit and talk with me for a while. The prices were very fair, and was happy to conduct business with them. Very highly recommended. There is a reason all reviews have been positive on here so far."